“Our Airstream Adventure”, given by our own Steve Schlott (with visual aids and props!), was the interesting (and at times very humorous) morning presentation to the 15 members present. Rather than being a recounting of “How I spent my summer vacation”, Steve talked about his extensive learning experiences as he desired, acquired, second-guessed, repaired, rebuilt, and replaced those classic aerodynamically designed travel trailers. It sounds as if fellow Club Member Art Ridley was of tremendous support to him in his travails, with some reciprocity in the form of two tow vehicle purchases over the duration of the tale. Steve may bring his newest “home on wheels” around for our breakfast meeting and a “nickel tour” one of these mornings.

After the usual Pledge and Prayer, fines flew frantically: Bill Hentgen charged Dan Crannie with refusing to shake Bill’s hand (even though he had washed it this morning); Mic Goulet fined Bill, saying “The 70s called and they want their tie-dyed shirt back!”; Steve Schlott fined Prez Phil Holmblade for failing to sell “50/50” tickets this morning and Steve himself fined for failure “to wear a cheerful countenance at all times” (explained as “the very essence of being” by our President). A contributor to Steve’s demeanor was an outflow of money that included Mic Goulet “selling” a ticket to Steve but not delivering, and Steve’s mention of this prompted another fine for his “failure to comprehend how Mic became a successful jeweler” (by “King” Jeff Dennings). Steve’s attempt to fine “HIs Highness” for this, resulting in another “spitting into the wind” fine from Bill Hentgen. (Steve may not have enough gas money to drive his Airstream to Florida this year – he may have to stay in Toledo!)

  • John Losinski gave a brief preliminary report on the “$5K Raffle” last week, and a final report will come when all the numbers are in, but it seems to have been a successful fund-raiser. “Thank You” cards circulated and will be sent to Robert “Doc” Hale and Dave Crabill for these former members’ tremendous support for the Raffle.
  • Jeff Dennings, Jack Proffitt, and Phil Holmblade gave brief reviews of the recent District meeting.
  • Santa Run is Saturday, 12/1/18 and a sign-up sheet circulated for volunteers.
  • Jack Proffitt will, by next week, distribute the list of kids’ names and ages for the MSD Pancake Breakfast with Santa, so get into holiday shopping mode for this 12/20/18 event.
  • Jeff Dennings suggested we build participation in the Optimist International Foundation through the “Dime-a-Day” Program. (Here is a link for the enrollment form. If you fill it out and bring it to next week’s meeting with a financial commitment of $36.50, Jeff will send them all in together:¬† https://optimistsinaction.com/wp-content/uploads/dime-a-day-form.pdf¬†)
  • The $7 “50/50” pot this morning went to Kevin Wainwright, who donated it back to the Club. Thanks, Kevin!

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”