Our Guest speakers this morning were Major Randy and Joy Martinbianco from the Salvation Army. We have supported this organization for many years. They are asking if we would ring bells again this year. The date will be Dec 6th at Elga CU on Pierson rd. There will be 5 , 2 hour blocks that we will need to fill with 2 people for each block. We will start a sign up next week. You can ask your wife, children or someone who you would like to expose to the WFOC, if they would like to help. If you cant be at club to sign up, and want to attend, call Mic.287-0500

We are getting approx. 12 to 14 members at Thursday meetings. Where is everybody? Not picking on any body, but where is Matt Mrasek, John Farah, Jack Medemar and Jim Carney just to name a few. Lets go people.

Patty Williams from Huntington Bank has turned an application with check. Thank you, Patty. We are excited to have you.

The Inter- Service luncheon is next week, Nov. 22 at First Pres. Church, 12:00 to 1:30. If you need a ticket contact Prez. Greg. The club is buying.

We will be volunteering again this year for the annual Santa Run. The date will be Dec. 6th. Contact Jeff Dennings for more info.

See you Thursday.

Bring a guest!