Pam Bailey from the YMCA of Greater Flint joined us for breakfast this morning. Pam has been working at the downtown Y for 4 years now. Besides her employment at the YMCA, Pam serves the community by her membership as a Sunrise Rotarian. She thanked our club for our sponsorships of kids attending camp and our work volunteering at the Santa Run.

The Flint YMCA opened in 1879 and 2015 was the 100th anniversary of Camp Copneconic. The downtown based organization runs the Y on Pierson Rd, the Y downtown and Camp Copneconic. They also have 5 locations of Safe Places which are open to youth between 4pm and 7pm each night. Safe Places provide a location for kids to get a meal, do homework and play. Streets are the most dangerous between 3pm and 8pm.

So theYMCA has run Camp Copneconic since 1915. Folklore says the lake was named after “Lake of Pineapple” and some say “Lake of Snakes” and yet others “Lake of Bread”. Please visit their History page to learn more. CS Mott donated the property and hunting lodge. In 1940 the camp started Indian Guides. Currently the camp utilizes 100 staff for summer camp. Changes through the years include:

  • 1970’s when girls were first welcomed to the camp
  • 1980’s when the camp was just 1 vote away from closing gave birth to funding by the Mott Foundation
  • 1990’s when the camp took on partners for specialized camping experiences with partners like American Diabetes

These changes and an incredible leadership have helped the camp to be listed in the Top 30 Camps in the US now serving more than 25,000 children each year.

As for the fellowship before Pam’s presentation, Pete led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Lynn said a short invocation. Kevin was nominated to be our tail twister with the absence of Jack. Bonnie won the 50/50 John Losinski was late as usual and Mic was early late. We all suspect they had something awry brewing in the parking lot.

Until next time …….