A very good turnout for our first business meeting of 2017: Joe started out the pledge with “I would” and, of course, was appropriately fined for it. There was a short fine session so we could get down to business, including what projects the board already has planned. These include¬†MSD, Whaley, Special Olympics, Essay and Oratorical contests.

Bill (Hentgen) brought us up to date on the financials: General fund $1713.00; Youth fund $15,871.64; Perpetual fund $30,000.00
We were reminded that every fund raising project we promote the funds go to the youth fund; nothing is taken out for the General Fund.
The question was asked what the General Fund is used for. It includes weekly breakfasts, Christmas Party, OI, steak cookout, convention and picnic.  We learned that right now we are in deficit spending for the General Fund. A very good discussion ensued about how to rectify the challenge, from increasing dues, to paying for our own breakfasts, to taking a percentage form what we make during fund raisers and putting in into the General Fund. Right now our fund raisers are the Chicken Dinner, the Walt Witter Golf Outing, and the $5000 Raffle.
A lot of ideas were floated for Pres. Pete (Venos) to take to the Board.
For those of you who were there, yes there was more, but my shorthand is not what it used to be. I should have had a dictaphone.

Jim (Reigle)

For the next week or so let’s all live vicariously thru Greg (Hilliker) who is enjoying the sun and sand in Florida.