Judge Joe Farah was our speaker today, and he spoke of the challenges of resolving the City of Flint garbage crisis. He explained

  • the Judiciary aspect and the process of trying to get both sides to come together,
  • how not only was it fraught with politics, but a case no Judge wants,
  • what the agendas were on both sides (Rizzo being nonunion and Republic being union, and on and on).

But it finally came down to Rizzo being accused of bribery in Macomb County and everybody ran away. Oh, good grief, can’t imagine how much that cost, since cooler heads would not prevail.
A smaller than normal turnout today. Are those of you who were not present still recovering from Christmas, at home playing with your new gadgets, or resting up for a big New Years celebration? If it wasn’t for Judge Joe (Farah) bringing two guests the northerly table would have been very sparse, even with Phil (Holmblade) switch-hitting tables. Joe brought two lovely guests: Alex who works with the Genesee County Humane Society and Theresa who works with event planning at Powers Catholic High School. Fines were active even with the smaller turnout, the usual red stuff fine, Jeff  (Dennings) fined everyone who did not have a son getting married on New Years Eve, and Jim (Reigle) tried to fine anyone whose almost one year old granddaughter has not already been on 22 airplane flights, most of them international from Brazil. But that was countered by the Judge fining Jim for child abuse.
Peter (Venos) mentioned that we will be having a business meeting on the third Thursday of January to talk about 2016 and upcoming events for 2017. And that we had received thank you cards from the MSD kids.

Have a safe and happy New Year. Remember if you can’t be good be careful. See all of you next year.

(Many thanks to Jim Reigle for filling in with the newsletter today!)