Phil HoImblade retired in ’08 and responded to a media request for “volunteers” at Crossroads Village, not fully realizing that volunteering for “military” service can have costly and unexpected consequences. He has continued to “muster” with the “4th Michigan Company” in Civil War reenactments since that time, and he spoke to us about his experiences in this venture. He came to Club with a hat that Crystufer Reed envied  (Want a Maltese Cross on your kepi?) and a caped cloak that seemed to do double or triple duty (cloak, disguise, protection), but he confessed that some of his clothing (like muslin undergarments) and other items were locked in a trailer with a frozen lock. His demonstration and description of how “cartridges” were bitten off and used to arm munitions resulted in such comments as “Don’t go shooting your mouth off!” (Thanks, John Losinski!) and “Put a cork in it!” (protecting gun barrels from rain). Fortunately, these reenactments usually occur over weekends and have fewer casualties than “the real thing” that cost 700,000 military casualties.

John Losinski led the Pledge of Allegiance and Jack Proffitt prayed at the outset of the morning’s meeting. Jack Medemar was disappointed that his strategic stance next to Greg Hilliker (“The better to hear you with, my dear”) proved irrelevant in light of Jack P’s much more ministerial and magisterial voice. Bill Hentgen paid $3 for the Crown and then proceeded to levy fines against anyone who had not partied at Farmer’s Market or Whiting, had a table named for them, or attended “Beautiful” (Carole King musical).Dan Crannie paid another fine for neglecting to tout the Optimists in his ongoing media presence (impressive new/old Capitol Theater sign). Mic Goulet volunteered to take on Speaker Chair duty for February, the Swartz Creek Dragons (JOOI) Club is going to be volunteering at Whaley Children’s Center, Hurley needs volunteers for their Radiothon on February 9 and 10 (see Patrick Naswell), receipts are due if you want reimbursement for MSD gifts, and tickets are available for $15 ($3 of which returns to the Club) for upcoming Firebirds games (contact Dave Crabill). John Losinski can afford this in light of his $16 take in the day’s “50/50” drawing. Crystufer Reed led the 17 members present in the recitation of the Creed to close out the morning.

Note: Board Meeting next week (inform if “regrets”), and business meeting scheduled in 2 weeks.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”