West Flint Optimist Newsletter – March 22, 2018

Newly appointed Circuit Court Judge Celeste Bell, guest speaker scheduled by Judge Joe Farah, introduced herself to the Club this morning, having arrived before Hizzoner (costing him a fine). This newest Circuit Court Judge is in her 5th week of work, trying to catch up on the caseload vacated by Judge Archie Hayman as the last calendar year was winding down. She comes to us with an extensive resume that includes 2 passed bar exams (Michigan and California), work as a general attorney in private practice, representing Corporate Counsel, service to 36 other judges, and the San Francisco Attorney’s office, but she is also a self-identified “pastry chef”. She spoke of the lengthy and multi-staged selection process that resulted in her appointment by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, her support from other judges,  the “humanity” of judges (one of whom kept a pet dog under his desk, and another devout Mormon who “cheated” occasionally by drinking a “Tab” cola), and her “new job jitters” of having a large and daunting workload and changing roles from advocacy to impartial arbiter. Her concerns seem to have dissipated in the excitement and challenges of her new role, and the confidence and grace she exhibited in our meeting will serve her well in the courtroom, where “fairness is justice”and clarity is key.

Joe Bushey and Jeff Dennings gave an update on the Oratorical Contest plans, noting that Michael J. Thorp has agreed to be one of our judges, the “Swartz Creek View” publicity generated some good publicity  for the Club, and several “home school” students will be presenting along with the Public High School competitors. The winners will be here for next week’s Club Meeting.

Steve Schlott updated us on the health conditions of Floyd Olmstead (and his wife) and Bob Hentgen, long missing from Club meetings and missed. Dan Crannie bragged about his recent lovely vacation to Aruba (arranged by John Schmitt), and fines were passed against Greg Hilliker (“for using a thesaurus in writing the newsletter”), Crys Reed (“for counting Greg’s dimes”), and “everybody” by “King-for-a-Day” Jack Proffitt (“just because”). The winning ticket for the “50/50” pot of $14 was purchased by Lt. Gov. Jeff Dennings.

Mic Goulet will be Speaker Chair for May, so contact him if you have someone or would like to set someone up for the schedule.

3-22-18  (TonightBoard Meeting will be at Dan Crannie‘s building in the evening.

3-26-18 Oratorical Contest at Swartz Creek High School, Room 509, at 10:45am. Joe Bushey has all the necessary judges lined up for the competition, and the winners will be speaking at our Club on the 29th.

3-27-18 15th Annual Scholarship Dinner (Greg Hilliker will represent the Club at the recipients table.)

4-10-18 Zone Meeting at Elwood’s (formerly Bubba’s) at Belsay and “69”.

4-17-18 “Respect for Law” Day, sponsored by Downtown Club. (More info. to come.)

4-29-18 Masonic Chicken Dinner fund-raiser (will need volunteers from 11:00am-2:00pm)

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”