A little light for turn out today, so I am blaming all of you that weren’t there for allowing David to buy the crown ?. I don’t have to tell any of you how far the level of fines fell. And Patrick still thinks we have a lunch meeting.

On a much lighter note, Art told us about the restoration of his wife Kathy’s pick up truck. It was a 1953 Chevy originally owned by her father. The pick up won the Detroit Auto Rama in 1955 and they were invited back this year for the 65th anniversary. The restoration took two years and it sounds like a boat ? load of money. The pictures that Art showed us, the pick up is absolutely stunning.¬† Judge Joe suggested that maybe, Art and Kathy can bring it to the picnic this summer and tell us more.¬† We also found out that Kathy is a very accomplished author.

Pres. Peter brought us up to date with the goings on of the board. A very spirited discussion ensued about whether we should continue with scholarships or maybe the funds can go someplace else where they will have more impact, for instance trade schools.

The Oratorical contest is this Thursday March 23 and we hope to have the top three visit us on the 30th. April 30th is the chicken dinner and we need to sell 150 dinners. Tickets are 10 and 6.

See all of you Thursday.