West Flint Optimist Newsletter – April 5, 2018

Dave Geiger,¬†former Police Chief and now Mundy Township Supervisor, returned as the guest of Peter Venos to speak of developments in and of the township’s Hill Road Recreational Park. With drawings, maps, and financial estimates, he laid out the current ideas for “Tournament-Grade” athletic fields and multi-use amphitheater (to accompany the already-introduced “Miracle League” field) and the infrastructural support for the project. Parking areas, sewage management, trail design, and lighting for the 90-acre park are projected to cost over $1.5M, but fit nicely with other township developments (highway access, hotel construction and proliferation, and desired restaurant services) already done, underway, or encouraged. Dave focused on the regional collaboration that will be an important part of the project’s success and of the greater Flint area’s revitalization, noting that Mundy’s “seven hotels within one mile”, the park’s proximity to Carman-Ainsworth School property, one Hill Road and two Van Slyke entrance/exits, his own interest and history in multi-authority resource-sharing, and open and positive communication with area businesses are important assets.

Lt. Gov. Jeff Dennings volunteered to start out as TailTwister today but quickly deferred to the indefatigable Jack Medemar (albeit with a fine against Jack to be paid for by Greg Hilliker) when Jack arrived at the meeting. Jack Proffitt kept them both hopping by proposing regal fines “against everybody” and fines that NO ONE (including His Highness) could recall. John “J-Lo” Losinski, with the exuberance of a youth, proposed a fine “”against anyone not under 55 years and 364 days” in age.

Events noted today included

  • Zone Meeting on April 10 at Elwood’s at 6:00 pm,
  • TriStar event at Boys & Girls Club (contact Chuck Brannon) on April 11,
  • “Respect for Law” Day on April 17 at noon at former GISD Skill Center (contact Mike Buckel),
  • suspension of this coming Wednesday’s planned “Backpack” activity,
  • Next Thursday’s (April 12th) Board Meeting at Dan Crannie’s workplace, and
  • Masonic Temple Chicken Dinner Fundraiser on April 29th.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”