Eric, Group Sales Representative from the Lansing Lugnuts drove over from Lansing this morning to share information about their renovations, programs, and events.  New  “picnic area” along the “3rd  Base” line has covered “semi-private” seating with grilled food and drinks for $35 /person but there are other seating and eating options as well. For groups, they guarantee “block seating” so all can be together; a year-round venue called “the View” is available for receptions and events; “suites” are available for $600 and can accommodate 20 people (including those who might be interested in watching the Loons, the Tigers, or other events on TV screens). Regular individual tickets are $11/person to watch high caliber but entertainment-oriented games. (Daniel Norris, now pitching for the Detroit Tigers, is a former Lugnut.) Gates open one hour and five minutes before the scheduled games, and there are an abundance of “special events” on the schedules that Eric passed out to the Club’s 24 attendees today. (Just a reminder to the aging members: on June 16 and August 18, “Seniors” eat free, & for the younger members, they don’t check ages!)
President Peter Venos rang his tiny Dick McCormick bell to suggest the opening of today’s meeting, and after the usual Pledge (Thank you, Bonnie Kelley) and Prayer (Thanks, Jack Proffitt), auctioned the Crown to Phil Holmblade. Phil immediately set to wreak havoc with his heady power trip, fining anyone not wearing a white shirt and anyone whose hair and shirt color did not match. Bill Hentgen, reeling from his own unsuccessful attempt to buy the Crown, was fined for abandoning his guest, Sean Croudy (who will be speaking with us June 1 about CANUSA) and took his irritation out on Jeff Dennings for “sneaking in” to the meeting late. Jeff’s guest and brother, Dwight Dennings, insulated Jeff from paying any more fines. Crystufer Reed paid a fine for arriving after both his guest speaker, Eric, and his wiffe and “allowance dispenser”, Emily.  Phil Holmblade appreciated the support and reported on the results of his requests for speaker schedule help. (May is completely filled, but there are plenty of slots and a few months remaining, if you have an interest in lining up speakers.)  Bonnie introduced her guest and prospective Club member, Tina Olshove ( from The Oaks at Woodfield), Joe Farah and Patrick Naswell were served an early lunch and some good-natured ribbing, and Art Ridley won the day’s “50/50” drawing. Jeff was upset because Steve Schlott had not sold his brother the winning ticket, and to appease Jeff, Prez Pete had Steve lead the Creed recitation after reminding us of tonight’s Board Meeting.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”