West Flint Optimist Newsletter – 4/20/17

President Peter Venos was with his wife, Ellen, at the hospital this morning, so Jeff Dennings stood in for him with his “shiny new personal gavel” to ring in the morning meeting. After auctioning the “pretty red and gold thing” (Crown) to Ken Cullen for “a measly buck” (as Ken quickly pointed out and reinforced with fines), Mic Goulet led in the Pledge and Jack Proffitt spoke a brief prayer. “Ersatz President” Jeff  affirmed fines against the entire Club for allowing the Crown to go so cheaply and for allowing Ken to get it,as well as for late arrivals of Patrick Naswell, John Losinski, and Joe Farah. (Joe tried to talk himself out of paying the fine by distracting the Club and flashing his classy Optimist pen, as if he knew nothing about justice!) Matt Mrasek was able to get a fine passed against the entire Southerly table “for not fitting into a 2-top” (only 17 in attendance today) , and after a deluge of dimes disappeared from Greg Hilliker‘s pocket, the unfairness of which seemed to be “chafing his [Greg’s] hiney”, a “talcum powder” fine added insult to the injury. Our incoming member, Tina Olshove, was so moved by the fear of fines that she she paid $1 in anticipation of future assessments. Her sponsor, Bonnie Kelley, might have paid fines for not bringing Tina up to speed on the fine process and the hazard of having money on the table, if Bonnie was not insulated from fines by having a guest present today. Art Ridley plans on being early for next week’s meeting in return for winning this week’s “50/50” drawing, and John Losinski was inspirational in his recitation of the Creed to bring the meeting to a close.

Decisions of the most recent Board Meeting were recounted and discussed, and upcoming events reviewed:

Camp Quality sponsorships for 2 young cancer patients is funded, and our annual contribution and “softball throw” at Special Olympics is coming up on May 15; our Masonic Temple Chicken Dinner on April 30 needs 150 people attending, and “take-out” tickets count as attendees; “Respect for Law” event is at GISD on May 1; over $30K is in the Club’s perpetual fund at present; the Dragons Club has recruited 2 new members and distributed treats and encouragement to 8th graders in Swartz Creek; College Scholarship recipients are going to be with us May 18 to express their appreciation; Club website is being updated; $5K Raffle will be on October 26, 2017; a family picnic is in the works for August 7th (more details to come); John Losinski will be among the walkers in the Heart Walk fundraiser on April 29 and would be happy to take sponsorships; Patrick noted the Childrens Miracle Network telethon will not occur this year, but he spoke of arranging a Club tour at Hurley; Pete & Ellen Venos will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”