West Flint Optimist Newsletter – May 3, 2018

Rick McNally, Attorney currently living in Flushing and running for Circuit Court office this fall, was Mic Goulet‘s guest this morning, speaking with the Club about some of the vagaries of auto insurance coverage. Noting that “The Large Print giveth and the Small Print taketh away”, Rick noted that a family “step-down” clause that can easily be overlooked in a cursory policy reading could limit liability for a family member’s injuries and care to $20,000 even though a policy covering up to $500,000 was drawn up for liability coverage for non-family members (25 times more!). Although the provision originated as a way to prevent fraudulent collisions and claims staged by collaborating family members, it seems to be outmoded and unnecessary now but is still used. McNally repeated suggestions for honesty and communication with your insurance agent to prevent surprises and disappointments, then took questions from members of the Club who wish to be insulated from the implications of high speed and “wrong-side” driving in foreign countries.

Jeff Dennings started the Pledge of Allegiance and Jack Proffitt said grace after President Crys Reed and his (literal) “cabinet” took their positions. Bill Hentgen was fined for his “Rhinestone Cowboy” Kinky Boots and a shirt that looked like someone had hit the “delete” button during the design process. Ron Ballard was fined for “collusion” with the Tailtwister Jack Medemar, Crys Reed paid Dan Crannie‘s fine for “uncertainty”, Ken Cullen levied a fine against the Northerly Table because of “inattention”, and Lynn Eastman paid a fine for “whining” about “having to wear a windbreaker TWO TIMES(!) while golfing in Florida this winter”. Bill Hentgen thanked all the members who were present and worked at the Chicken Dinner fundraiser where 138 tickets were sold (total accounting forthcoming), Jeff Dennings called for volunteers to help with the last two “Backpack Days” (May 16 and 30) since he will be unavailable, and offered lunch as incentive, and Greg Hilliker was fined for “thinking that he was the morning program” as he drummed up $275 from the Club donors for Childrens Cancer Research and promised that he wouldn’t wear Lycra to breakfast. (Shameless plug: any donors who missed this opportunity, wish to amend their contribution, or want to know more about the Great Cycle Challenge can do so with the provided link.) Mic Goulet introduced our guest speaker Rick McNally, who donated his “50/50” Pot winnings back to the Club before speaking. Mic’s other guests for the month:

  • May 10 – Sean Croudy, CANUSA
  • May 17 – Davin Torre, Flint School of Performing Arts
  • May 24 – Staff of Flint Children’s Musem
  • May 31 – Jeff Wright, Drain Commissioner

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…

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