Tom Travis and President Phil

Tom Travis is Director of Education and Social Services for Carriage Town Mission and was here to speak about his role in assisting our area’s homeless community in connecting with resources and gaining the skills and contacts that can help to improve their situations. Carriage Town’s two buildings (one housing a “dorm” for men and the administrative offices, the other more of a “hotel room” style for women and children) house 80-120 residents per night, year-round, providing beds, lockers, and showers while they are gaining job preparation and skills training, maintaining sobriety, accessing transportation, and/or arranging for ongoing income, health care, and life off the streets. They work to do this in 90 days, although the time can be extended with demonstrated plan enactment. A Summer Enrichment Program to keep children from the “quite summer slide” of losing information from previous schooling has been successful in preparing them for school with new shoes, backpacks, supplies, and sustained grade progression despite trying circumstances. Carriage Town’s weekly Wednesday doughnuts (served 7-11 a.m.) are another terrific contribution this program has made to our community. Their are several ways we can support them, and one is attend their Annual Fund-Raiser Banquet – October 10 at Kettering University.

Our meeting opened in the usual format (President Phil Holmblade ringing the bell, Pledge of Allegiance led by Kevin “General” Wainwright, prayer by Ken Cullen); then Phil announced Board Meeting date change (to 6/17/19 at 6 pm at Crannie’s), Jeff Dennings announced his new farming venture, Jack Proffitt noted the House Resolution to celebrate Optimists’ 100th year anniversary (to be introduced at 1:30 Wednesday at the State Capitol), and the meeting degenerated with the opening of fines.

Steve Schlott proposed a fine against Jim Reigle because he had difficulty finding Jim in his “camo” wear, “King” Jeff Dennings fined Steve for “whining” and John Losinski for “sucking up” (to be paid by Steve), and Ken Cullen fined Steve for “monopolizing the fines”. Kevin fined himself again. Mic Goulet fined the Southerly table because King Jeff sat their with his new haircut and didn’t want to mess it up with the Crown, then Mic turned on Kevin for refusing to eat with the Club. Ron Ballard paid a fine for taking his wife out to a coney island for lunch and calling it an anniversary celebration. (Congrats, Ron and Arlene, on the 67 years!)

Next week’s open meeting will focus on $5K Raffle ideas and plans. Please plan to be there!

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”