West Flint Optimist Newsletter – June 14, 2018
Lieutenant Governor Jeff Dennings followed up on last week’s presentation by Optimist International’s Jim Boyd, talking about recruitment and membership, very important aspects of our Club function in light of the data that says 35 children are served  by each new member. He use the mnemonic device of OPERA to underscore important aspects of our mission:
  • O = Optimism (including Gratitude for the Past, Mindfulness for the Present, Hope for the Future)
  • P = Purpose
  • E = Engagement
  • R = Relationship
  • A = Accomplishment.

Jeff filled in for President Crys Reed this morning and Steve Schlott proposed that he be fined for “improper holding of the flag” during Dan Crannie‘s Pledge, and Jack Proffitt passed through the morning invocation unscathed. New member Kevin Wainwright and John Losinski were fined for thinking this was a luncheon meeting, Pete Venos paid a fine for disregarding the “Acting President”, Greg Hilliker was charged with the Dave Crabill “dumb fine” award, Bill Hentgen was able to pass a fine against Jeff for “feeding his kids on the cheap”, and Dan Crannie passed a fine against anyone who did not sponsor a dinosaur (at which Ron Ballard took umbrage). Bill Hentgen won the “50/50” drawing & said he’d use it to make sure that he shows up in fancy garb next week.

Board Meeting plans for this evening and training programs om 7/22 and 8/4 (for officers) were mentioned, and some brief discussion of $5K interest and badges ensued before Jeff took the floor to thundering applause.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”

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