Chad Young is “Township Manager” for Mundy Township and came to tell us about the plans for June 18th Official Groundbreaking for the Miracle League ADA accessible ballfield and the new Hill Road Park development. Mundy Township just passed its 1st-ever bond issue and the $2.5M it generates will pay for a new firetruck ($600K) and the infrastructure (parking lot, lighting and utilities, trail construction, etc.) of the new and 1st park in Mundy Township, north of Home Depot on Hill Road, adjacent to Carman-Ainsworth school property, east of Van Slyke Road, and entered by a road just to the west of Assenmacher’s Bicycles. (You can see and read more about the plan here.) Chad was born in Australia and has dual citizenship and is an appointed, rather than elected (and presumably more professional than political) administrator for the 15,000 constituents of Mundy Township. His experience in private finance and education in Political Science have built on his his family history of public service since he moved to the area to complete his MPA and pursue his “passion” for public service himself. The completion of the Miracle League ballfield, a projected indoor soccer venue in the old Genesee Valley Tennis Club site, and 7 hotels providing 1,000 rooms seem to provide an identity, opportunities, and considerable promise for the development of his career and the Township’s future.

The morning’s attendance seemed quite low (13) as President Phil Holmblade rang the bell to start the meeting and announced that his mother’s health concerns might require him to leave early. Bill Reaves walked into the meeting with his hand over his heart and began reciting the Pledge as he slipped into a spot at the table, earning him a fine. Kevin Wainwright paid a fine for wearing camo shorts to the meeting thinking that he could avoid attention, proposed and passed fine against himself for planning to miss next week’s gathering, and he paid $2 for the auctioned Crown to defer any more cash outlays and took on TailTwister responsibilites (a conflict of interest?). Mic Goulet paid a “failure to wear a cheerful countenance” fine and Greg Hilliker paid one for ignoring his guest’s empty coffee cup and another for inconveniencing King Kevin by making the King approach the head table to collect dimes. Mic Goulet stifled the levity in the group with a story: After the passing of the original “hunchback of Notre Dame”, the cathedral had to find someone to replace him. When they interviewed a new applicant who was unable to lift his arms or use his weight to pull ropes to ring the bell, the bishop inquired about how he would do the job. The job-seeker said he would use his head and offered to demonstrate, at which time the man ran headlong into the bell and produced the most magnificent sound ever heard from the belfry. In his enthusiasm to repeat the sound and win the job, he ran toward the moving bell and, missing it completely, flew out the window and hurtled to the ground. The bishop ran down to help or perform last rites, arriving as a crowd of onlookers gathered. Asked if he knew the man, the bishop responded, “I don’t know his name but his face rings a bell!”

(Groan!) “Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”