West Flint Optimist Newsletter – 6/1/17

Dan Brezny. Sean Croudy, Mike Mainbrook, and Jim Weininger all associated with CANUSA, the international sports exchange focusing on youth participation (http://canusagames.com/), spoke today about the history and operation of the games. This year’s games, 61st in the series, return to Flint from Hamilton, Ontario, and will include 21 sports. The sports vary across years, according to participation and interest—for instance, past karate and table tennis events have been supplanted this year by rugby and pickleball, and archery, darts, bowling, volleyball, hockey, and “adult events” of skeet and golf continue. A “kickoff” event is scheduled for 7-11-17 to put the finishing touches on arrangements for the weekend of competition, August 11-13, beginning at Flint Northwestern High School (G-2138 W. Carpenter Road). Last year, our Club packed and distributed lunches to the CANUSA participants coming back from anada, and more information will be coming to the Club, via Steve Schlott, on the Club’s role in this year’s games.

President Peter Venos swung the gavel to open the meeting, wondered if Greg Hilliker could remember the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, and wondered even more if Jack Proffitt could remember how to communicate with the Almighty for the invocation. In the absence of “Her Highness, the Queen” Bonnie Kelley, Ken Cullen purchased the Crown for a meager dollar and then made the most of it: fines against the Southerly table for ignoring the meeting, against the entire Club for being too cheap to run up the price of the Crown, against the Southerly table for exceeding weight restrictions and tilting the meeting room, and for allowing him to dominate the fines! Dave Crabill and Patrick Naswell both arrived early for lunch and proposed fines that had already been passed. Our lectern was restored to its usual place in front of Prez Pete, but with a new plaque honoring our former treasurer Walt Widder, and a card of condolences to the family of recently deceased Optimist Bob Gaines was passed around for signatures and visitation/funeral arrangements discussed. The 19 attendees provided Dave Crabill with the $9 “50/50” pot, noting that Dave will have to be here early next week for ticket sales, before the Honorable Joe Farah led in the closing Creed recitation.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”