Chris Christenson, area attorney and currently a candidate for Circuit Court Judge, was guest of standing Circuit Court Judge and Club member Joe Farah, presenting his credentials and history in a way that he hopes will stand out among the many candidates in the race. His work ethic, community involvement, and quick ascension to leadership in a number of professional organizations bolster his case, and although his avowed specialty is in real estate and landlord/tenant law, his prowess in advocating for autistic client rights has won considerable favor, even among his legal adversaries.

Dan Crannie marched in with the American flag and a new and attractive storage cabinet he picked from a neighbor’s discards and refurbished. (Good job, Dan!) President Crys Reed called the meeting of 18 to a semblance of order, then asked Steve Schlott to lead in the Pledge and Ken Cullen to say grace before the fines flew. Greg Hilliker immediately passed a fine against anyone who had not yet proposed a fine (?), Kevin Wainwright bought the Crown for $2 and the King then fined the entire Club, Peter Venos paid a fine for harrassment of TailTwister Jack Medemar, and Ken Cullen paid a fine for presuming to be the “power behind the throne” and coaching the inexperienced royalty.

Other news:

  • CANUSA appreciation dinner is tonight and Club members are welcome to contact Steve about coming,¬† packing the food for the CANUSA kids will be at Steve’s home on August 8 at 6:00-7:30 p.m., and a group of 4 will be needed to go to Port Huron on Sunday, August 12 to distribute the food.
  • Money received in memory of Floyd Olmsted has been received and will be processed appropriately by the Board.
  • Hole sponsors and team players are still encouraged for the Walt Widder Memorial Golf event coming September 15.
  • Contact John Losinski for tickets and to support tasks associated with the $5K Raffle on October 25.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…