The club has been meeting for a number of weeks at the Valley Bistro. Our attendance has been growing. Last meeting 14 embers present and one zoom participant. Social distancing has not been a problem. Plenty of room for all.

The board has been busy conducting business. 1000.00 for clear face shields for MSD.  Our annual 1000.00 donation to Special Olympics. We have approved a new dues structure. Breakfast will no longer be included in your quarterly statement. It will be pay as you go for breakfast. Details to follow.

On June 18, 1994 the Optimist clubs of Genesee County purchased a house for Whaley to use as a satellite home for children. We spent  appx. $30,000.00 shared between 5 or 6 clubs. Over the years we have spent money and provided man hours on keeping the house in order. President Greg has been busy as of late inspecting the property and making a list of items that need to be done. There is a list and pictures provided on line and the club is starting to make our way through that list.

The first item to tackle was a basketball backboard and hoop. The pole was there but that was all. When Dan Crannie heard about the situation he volunteered his time and talents to make sure the kids had a basketball hoop and turned out perfect. It has been reported that the kids are using it regularly in this time of not much else for kids to do. GREAT JOB, DAN!