Tauzzari Robinson, CEO of Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint and himself a member of BGC, updated us on the leadership shuffling at BGC and program status at the organization. The annual budget of just under $1M is used for

  • maintaining, upgrading, and reconfiguring the substantial physical plant (the Flint Schools’ former Sobey Elementary School – 3701 N. Averill Avenue),
  • adding teen programming that includes college “field trip” visits (in a total 40 trips/year),
  • dance training in cooperation with Flint School for the Performing Arts,
  • a steel drum band that some of us have already enjoyed,
  • “Power Hour” homework help and tutoring and “digital literacy” classes for academic progress,
  • sports and recreation programs in conjunction with the Crim Foundation, and
  • 3 meals daily during the summer for youth who “must participate” as members in the Club’s activities.

Only one meal daily is provided during the school year, and BGC has developed collaboration with city schools in order to use school transportation (besides BGC’s own 3 vans) and provide programming and meals for the students (150/day even during Spring Break and “no school” days). Grant funding provides 70% and private and corporate donations round out the balance of the budget, with Lowe’s granting this Club (the only such recipient in the State) $50,000 this year for use in updating and remodeling the Club. For the past few years, BGC has also developed a unique collaboration with Central Church of the Nazarene to use the church’s large physical plant (including 2 full gyms and many other amenities) to broaden their geographic impact and leverage resources. This impact has been profound and continues to expand: from 90-100 kids per day in 2009, the Averill facility “maxed out” last year at 180 kids at a time with a 15:1 student:staff ratio, and programming now impacts 1438/day with 1900 members.

President Crys Reed DID call the meeting to order this morning (offsetting my misattribution in last week’s newsletter that robbed Jeff Dennings of appropriate and accurate recognition) and called on Peter Venos for the Pledge and Jack Proffitt for the prayer  before fines opened. Matt Mrasek and Jim Reigle were repeatedly fined for carrying on their own private meeting, the entire Club paid for “ignoring” the proceedings generally on a fine proposed by Jack Proffitt, John Losinski (“J. Lo“) paid for “obstruction of due process, Ken Cullen fined the Tailtwister (Jack Medemar) for failing to collect fines (does Ken spit into the wind?) and Greg Hilliker for being “stingy”, Peter fined “J. Lo” for being “bad” generally, the casually clad Jack Medemar fined anyone wearing a tie, Jeff was fined by Ken for attempting to “fly under the radar” of the TailTwister by sitting at the head table, and Pete Venos charged Dave Crabill for a “dumb fine”.

  • Jeff and Steve Schlott reported on the CANUSA Appreciation Dinner (and passed around the beautiful recognition plaque given to the Club)  before reminding us of the upcoming preparation (next Wednesday) and distribution (next Sunday) plans for which the Club generated volunteers and funds,
  • Jeff reminded the Club of upcoming training opportunities for training in licensure and management of fundraising gambling events (speak to Jeff if interested),
  • More donations came in from donors honoring our recently deceased member Floyd Olmsted (good news) but Floyd’s wife, Elaine, had a bad fall and broke her hip, requiring surgery, just after the passing (bad news),
  • De facto Raffle Chair John Losinski noted that Dave Crabill delivered tickets this morning for the $5,000 Raffle, so we now have to hustle to sell all of them (Jim Reigle will be wrangling the tickets, turn-ins, and money for the sales, having been unofficially informed fo this role in a recent newsletter and officially asked by “yours truly” this morning,) and there will be a very brief post-breakfast meeting next week to update and direct “$5K Raffle” activities,
  • Mic Goulet has requested that all money for teams and sponsor holes for the Walt Widder Golf event be turned in to him by August 23 for the September 15 outing, and a
  • Board Meeting is set for next week, August 9, at Dan Crannie’s office.
  • Jim Reigle, who agreed to handle the Raffle money, was rewarded by the Raffle gods with a 50/50 pot.
  • New member and already regular attendee and volunteer Carol Dennings was brought into the Club officially this morning with her father and sponsor, Lieutenant Governor Jeff Dennings, working with President Crys on the installation.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”