Today’s guest speaker from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Flint spoke to a small group, prompting speculation about rain endangering some hairdos. “Nevertheless, she persisted”: Emily Leonard is Director of Grants and Public Relations at BGCGF, having risen through the ranks from an Americorps member 8 years ago to become a Program Coordinator and then applying her MSU degree in her current position. Since 70% of the BGCGF $1.2M budget is grant-based, she has a critical role in maintaining continuity in this important community program that serves 1650 youth in their two locations (Averill location in former school structure and Peaklocation on Bristol Road owned and offered by Flint Central Church of the Nazarene). 42% of the youth are teens and the program can use job exposure and shadowing opportunities to help inspire and prepare them for future work roles. A new after-school program started yesterday at the “Peak” and the staff of 8 full-time and 20 part-time employees work hard to improve the health, behavior, and education off their young charges but sometimes cannot be funded by grants that focus more on supplies, facilities, and other tangible or fixed costs. The salary and transportation needs require additional creativity and funding sources, so their fundraising “Suits & Sauce” Banquet, “Dodging for Dollars” dodgeball tournament, and a Bowling Fun-Raiser” augment these functions. (Think about our potential participation in these! I recall a pulled hamstring a few years ago at the dodgeball tourney!) Our local BGC is one of 4000 in the nation that serve 4 million youth and do a fine job.

In the absence of President Phil Holmblade, Greg Hilliker stepped in to ring the bell to start the meeting, entrusting Pedge and Prayer leadership to John “J-Lo” Losinski and Jack Proffitt, respectively, before a quick review of recent Board activity by King Jeff Dennings and Matt Mrasek and a listing of Cultural Center events by Bill Hentgen. Mic Goulet reminded all of the Walt Widder Memorial golf event this weekend and we discussed the Installation Banquet arrangements for Ruggero’s on Thursday, Sept. 19. (Please plan to attend, preferably with someone else that we really like!) Ehen the fines opened, Steve Schlott immediately hit Ron Ballard with a fine for switching tables while Steve was stalking him, Matt Mrasek fined the Southerly table for waking him, and Ken Cullen attempted a fine against the TailTwister Jack Medemar (to be paid for by the Southerly table) because of a disparaging remark about Ken’s golf game. Ron Ballard fined anyone not striding with a fancy “walking stick”, John “J-Lo” Losinski proposed a fine that required some elucidation, and Greg Hilliker wound up paying for merely trying to be helpful and considerate. The limited “50/50” pot this morning was won by Bill Hentgen, who might be able to buy a cup of coffee with the money, if he drank coffee!

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”