A relatively small group of 14 met for this morning’s meeting, brought to a semblance of order by Lt Governor Jeff Dennings, who called on Jack Medemar for the Pledge of Allegiance and Jack Proffitt for the Invocation before opening the fines. Mic Goulet paid an early fine for “grousing”, Bill Hentgen failed in his attempt to fine anyone who wore a single-color shirt, Ken Cullen paid a fine by Jack for being “clueless” and another by Greg Hilliker for his attempt to vote on the fine by absentee ballot. In what might represent, for him, a fit of pique, Ken fined the entire southerly table, after which Mic Goulet paid another fine for dressing well and making the rest of us look shabby.

Carol Dennings sold tickets this seek for the “50/50 Drawing”, collecting $19, but before she won the money and donated it back to the Club, she (and all the rest of us) had to speak “2 truths and 1 lie” and the rest of the members  had to determine which was the lie. (This was the penalty for not scheduling a morning speaker.)

  • Mic Goulet reminded all of the Widder Memorial this weekend, so bring your “A” game.
  • A sign-up sheet will be passed next week for the Installation Banquet at Ruggero’s on September 25. We are encouraged to invite friends who might wish to know more about our Club and Optimism, and the speaker, Governor-Elect Ted Dotts, willl not only perform the installation of officers but supervise entry into membership for new initiates as desired.
  • A report from Jim Reigle that 48 “5K Raffle” tickets are still unclaimed was offset somewhat by Lynn Eastman picking up 20 more to sell. Joe Farah and Pete Venos plan to talk with Atlas Valley re: food and sound system in preparation for the October 25 event.
  • Carol Dennings announced the YMCA Santa Run scheduled for December 1, calling for 6 volunteers for filling and replenishing the food tables.

Until next time, ” Promise Yourself…”