Stephanie Confer with our own Bill Hentgen
Stephanie Confer
with our own Bill Hentgen

Stephanie Confer, long known as “Stephanie K” (radio personality/DJ), is now a spokesperson for the Mass Transportation Authority (MTA), our award-winning and nationally recognized public transit system. Started in 1971, the operation has grown in size, transporting 3,000 workers per night to Saginaw for instance, and added options – Your Ride started out with 50 daily riders and now moves 4500 per day. At the same time, environmental impact of consuming 1.3 million gallons of fuel annually has, in 3 years, gone to 200 thousand gallons with use of hydrogen, propane, and compressed natural gas power engines. MTA is now the “#1 Medical Transportation Provider” in the country, takes folk to work or shop in Livingston County, Saginaw County, Lapeer, and anywhere in Genesee County for a maximum of $3.50 one way. (ADA-certified, Vets, and others may ride for reduced or even no fees, and monthly passes are $40/month.) The ridership calls for more drivers, and MTA provides a free 6-week training course, 2 weeks of supervised driving, and CDL license acquisition support, so any of us wanting to add to our income or encourage our family members to generate some can consider this!

After calling his final meeting to order, President Phil Holmblade oversaw the Pledge and Invocation before reviewing the Installation Dinner last week, Bill Hentgen offered information and tickets to FIM events, Jeff Dennings reminded us of events listed on our Club website and Tuesday’s resumption of our “Backpack Program” activities (9:30 a.m. on October 1 at Swartz Creek Middle School). Fines opened and flew furiously, mostly in the direction of President-Elect Greg Hilliker, who is likely to have paid his last fine for a full year (WOO-HOO!) and contributed to the “50/50” pot that “Optimist of the Year” John Losinski won and donated to the General Fund.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”