Our “Repeat” Guest Speaker Joe Farah, continuing his series of presentations on the use of the English language, shifted from his previous topic of “Trash Talk” to the new topic of “Sentence Completion”: Really, folks, these were his topics, even if the context is not language but legal controversies! Judge Joe noted that at least 22 people (convicted in Genesee County alone; other Michigan locations account for 300 more) of crimes that resulted in sentences to “life without parole” are now having their sentences and cases reviewed. A recent decision that the¬†“cruel and unusual punishment” clause makes such sentences unconstitutional for juveniles with developing brains and associated cognitive changes. An additional wrinkle to this drama is that the ruling is effective retroactively, so some middle-aged or even elderly convicts who have spent decades incarcerated are now having their sentences reconsidered. Although the judges who will reconsider the sentences have the latitude to include the continuation of the “life without parole” sentence, it is understood in the recent ruling that such decisions would have to demonstrate their supportive deliberation and will be assumed to be “rare” in frequency. We had a very interesting Q&A/discussion period about the possible rationale and implications.

A relatively small group of 15 members and one guest enjoyed the level of discourse which was a sharp reversal of the pre-presentation activity: Bill Hentgen led the Pledge of Allegiance (Colin Kaepernick did not sit through it) and Ken Cullen spoke the invocation after President Jeff Dennings began the meeting without our distinguished guest speaker, whose guest (former member Erv Campbell of Dag’s Collision) beat him to the meeting, Floyd Olmstead was fined for his aversion to shaking hands, Bill Hentgen proposed a fine against anyone not supporting the Crim events with their active attendance, John Losinski was fined for fixing his clock, Jack Proffitt paid a fine for not having an Optimist shirt to wear at Family Fun Day at The Bridge, and Dan reminded everyone that he is still covering his head with the crown! Jack Proffitt won the 50/50 pot and may use it to buy an Optimist shirt.

Things to Remember

Installation Banquet is set for the 22nd at Da Edoardo’s in Grand Blanc.

Walt Widder Memorial Golf is coming up on the 24th of this month,

Sell $5K Raffle tickets!!!!!

Former Club member (and one who worked with me on Bicycle Safety Day activities) Bill Berry passed away on August 30th at the age of 84.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”