West Flint Optimist Newsletter –  9/14/17

Even before Prez Peter Venos rang the meeting to order for the last time before incoming President Crystufer Reed’s installation, Patrick Naswell and Queen Bonnie Kelley were present to celebrate the event, and President Pete walked out in the middle of the meeting!  Ron Ballard was fined for sneaking in during the Pledge of Allegiance and found a seat away from his usual resting place, fining those who did not want to play musical chairs and took their customary positions early. He later paid fines for “not sitting where he’s supposed to” and causing confusion with that and wearing his pajamas to the meeting. Ken Cullen proposed fines against those who weren’t present at The Bridge for Family Fun Day this past weekend; Bill Hentgen paid a fine for encouraging ballot-stuffing; Crys Reed paid a fine for not-so-obvious “obvious reasons”, Matt Mrasek caught Patrick “milling around” and Pat paid again for his inattentiveness and misidentifying his closest friends. This rough day for Pat continued when he refused to share his pen and was threatened by Judge Joe Farah with the prospect of being the first jail resident to be denied “3 hots and a cot”. Joe had been offended at criticism for his clean suit and being described as “trying” to be the best-dressed in the Club, when he clearly took that title without trying. Ken paid for his nostalgia (does aspirin work for that?), Jeff Dennings paid double for his “funny” fines, and Crys Reed paid for toadying to Prez Pete. Patrick levied a fine against Mic Goulet for being “the voice of reason” in the discussion, prompting Joe Farah to note that this is “like being the highest building in Topeka”. Steve Schlott won the $18 “50/50” drawing before the business meeting and a brief discussion, led by Judge Joe, on media-simplified coverage of court complexities and ensuing misunderstandings. (Such a thing would clearly never happen with this newsletter!)

In the business meeting (without an outside speaker), the 18 members discussed relocation issues in light of Valley’s closing at this site, tonight’s Board Meeting, next week’s Installation Banquet (9-21-17 at 7 at Redwood), the Walt Widder Golf Event on the 30th, the amount in the Youth Fund (approx.. $4200), the status of “$5K Raffle” tickets (all but 20 out, and some money coming in and the rest requested by Jim Reigle before September30),
Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”