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Who Are We?

We are the Great Lakes State Optimist eClub. We are a non-profit organization that brings together community leaders to take action to better our communities through service. We also love having fun and eating!

As an Optimist eClub, we also produce thought-provoking, educational, and innovative video programs. These programs are recorded online over Zoom Video Conferencing with a guest speaker who speaks to our club about a topic that they’re an expert in or passionate about. These video programs are posted to our eClub’s Youtube Channel, and then featured for an entire week during one of our online meetings available here on our website.

There’s a new online meeting available every Monday (Eastern Standard Time) on this website that anyone — members and guests — can read and watch. We wanted to create our own innovative content while keeping all of our online meetings available for anyone to attend without any obstacles. There’s no account login required to attend any of our online meetings. You can even view them on your favorite mobile device, on the train or even while you’re waiting in line for coffee.

While most of our members live or work in the Michigan area, we also can have members abroad from Brazil to South Africa. These remote members may not live in Michigan, but have interests or ties directly to Michigan.

All of our members are people of action in their local communities and all volunteer their time to become part of a bigger organization of local people doing service to Bring Out the Best in Youth: Optimist.

While our weekly meetings happen online, we also host social events and service events in-person throughout the Great Lakes State every month. From exploring restaurants, breweries and wineries to picnics to doing service projects, you are all invited to come join us for one of our events!

The best way to learn more about our Optimist eClub is to attend one of our online meetings. It’s free and takes less than 1 hour of your time. You can start by clicking on the “Current Meeting” link over to the right. If you like what you see, and you’re wondering what benefits there are to membership to our Optimist eClub, we invite you to also check out our Join page with more details about membership costs and benefits.

If you stop by one of our online meetings, be sure to leave a comment and let us know where you’re from! We love hearing from guests!

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